Colin Devine

Founder and ClutterBox Designer

One too many early mornings, half asleep stepping on my wife’s tweazers or hair brush on the bathroom floor was the cause of me looking for a better solution to keep her makeup in rather than her old shoebox under the bed. Having done some research online I was unable to find a makeup organiser large enough to store ALL her makeup but also her large collection of beauty product accessories. Having studied product design in college I set about designing a makeup organiser that would do just that and so was born the ClutterBox.

After many designs, prototypes and development the ClutterBox was launched in 2013 and since then the ClutterBox has been sold worldwide. Little did I know then that the ClutterBox would be in such high demand, lack of makeup storage appeares to be a problem that not only women face on a daily basis but also their partners.

We often receive emails from female customers telling us how much they love the ClutterBox and can’t believe how they lived without it and sometimes we get the odd email from their partners thanking us for the ClutterBox and how it saved their relationship. I’m not sure the ClutterBox does save relationships but it’s nice to think it can help!

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