Acrylic, only the best will do.

All ClutterBoxes are handmade using high grade virgin acrylic. We use a specific type of acrylic that gives the ClutterBox it’s crystal clear appearance and helps reduce glue or bubble defects. Acrylic is an extremely durable material, in fact it is stronger, lighter and even safer than glass.

Drawer Knob

Specially designed drawer knob makes it easy to pull and push drawers in and out of the ClutterBox, it also prevents any grubby fingers getting fake tan on the drawer.

The knobs are round in shape and just the perfect size to grab hold off so you can get at that makeup.

Top Lid 

The lid of the of ClutterBox has been designed with you in mind, the lid lifts up and all the way to the back of the ClutterBox, this cool feature allows you to keep taller products on the top shelf. The lid has two sturdy transparent hinges which are designed to be in keeping with the overall look and feel of the ClutterBox.

Top Lid

Drawer Dividers

When you buy a ClutterBox you’ll find 3 sets of handy dividers that come inside. The dividers have been designed to be completely adjustable allow you to organise your makeup in your ClutterBox just how you like it.

E – Z Slide Drawers

There is nothing worse than a drawer that wont open, especially when you are you getting ready for that big night out and your favourite lipstick is inside that drawer. With that in mind the ClutterBox has been designed with E-Z slide drawer features, the drawers glide in and out of the ClutterBox with ease so you dont need to worry about being late ever again…in theory of course!

Seal of Approval

Each and every ClutterBox is handmade, thoughout the manufacturing process our skilled craftsmen carry out quality control test to ensure the ClutterBox is made to the highest standards. If you have bought a ClutterBox from us you will find our logo pritned on the bottom drawer.

360 Degree View Video

We understand the ClutterBox is a big decision so why not take a minute ot look at our video which gives you a 360 degree view of the ClutterBox.

4 DRAWER €149.00


5 DRAWER €189.00


6 DRAWER {PRO} €279.00


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